Details of Business

The Roles of Ito Electronics

Ito Electronics, as a trading company specializing in electronics, provides support for customers to solve their problems, ranging from the procurement and sales of products to technical support and electronics manufacturing services (EMS).

  • Procurement function
  • Sales function
  • Electronics manufacturing function
  • Technical support function
  • Financial function
  • Stock distribution function

Services of Ito Electronics

Ito Electronics develops services based primarily on the following three: the supply of electronic devices, design services (software), and electronics manufacturing services (EMS).

Supply of electronic devices

Design services (software)

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS)

Supply of electronic devicesSupply of electronic devices

In order to respond to a wide variety of customer needs, we are focused on "Design-in", in which we are involved from the product planning and design phases through a partnership with leading device manufacturers in Japan.

Electronic Components


  • Pedal position sensor
  • Rotary sensor
  • Throttle position sensor
  • Map lamp switch
  • Linear sensor
  • Door open/close detection switch
  • Vehicle height sensor
  • EGR valve position sensor


FA / Industrial Machinery

  • Detection switch
  • Touch switch
  • Medium-/high-voltage switch
  • Current sensor
  • Encoder
  • Optical communication module


Residential / Consumer

  • Communication module
  • SNU communication unit for smart meter
  • Solar cell power conditioner communication unit
  • Battery power source
  • EV charge communication unit
  • Existing equipment compatible type smart tap
  • Power inductor
  • Various sensors



ASIC development (example)

ASIC development (example)

Design Services (Software)Design Services (Software)

Partners located both inside and outside of Japan implement customized development, such as system development including software/hardware, basic software including OS/middleware, ranging from IP to application software, and from the provision of evaluation boards for rapid prototyping to hardware development.
Furthermore, we can widely and flexibly respond to customer requests for everything up to system development that expands into networks or the cloud.

Design Services (Software)

Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

By cooperating with EMS manufacturing production partners located both inside and outside of Japan, we provide everything from the procurement of components to delivery and logistics services, in addition to board mounting services.

The procurement of electronic components designated by customers. In addition, proposals for the procurement of international components or second components and proposals for commercial distribution.

Depending on requests, selecting the optimal factory from multiple collaborating partner factories based on facilities or requested management values.

In addition to board mounting services, we also conduct audits of the processing of commercial materials related to products on behalf of customers.

Deployment of quality improvement activities integrated with production contractors by the Quality and Technology Department. Giving guidance for improvement.