Efforts for the Environment

Environmental Philosophy

Through sales of electronic components, as an engineering trading company that contributes to society, we also work positively for global environmental conservation activities.

Environmental Policy

Based on the policies below, we shall make efforts for continuous improvement of the environmental management system, which is for better environmental performance, and pollution prevention to conserve the environment of the irreplaceable Earth.

  1. We shall observe laws and regulations related to the environment and other requirements with which we agree, making efforts to conserve the environment including Biodiversty and protecting ecosystem.
  2. Surely grasping the effect on the environment caused by business activities, products, and services, we shall establish environmental purposes and goals and work hard within the technically and economically possible range. In addition, the environmental purposes and goals shall be reviewed periodically.
  3. We shall work hard on business activities while considering the following as priority items:
    • Reducing the amount of paper used
    • Thoroughly conducting the separation of waste and promoting recycling
    • Promoting energy saving for the prevention of global warming
    • Promoting trading with companies that are environmentally friendly
    • Promoting improvement of the environment through the expansion of sales and business
  4. To achieve the environmental policy, we shall implement full dissemination to everyone who works for us.
  5. This environmental policy is also disclosed outside the company.

Established on Nov. 1, 2003
Revised on Jul. 1, 2017
Ito Electronics Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President Naoki Ito


We acquired the ISO 14001 certification in August 2004 and promote management activities.
Certification for three sites of the headquarters, Toyohashi sales office, and Kanazawa sales office was acquired.

Certification Registration Date Aug. 11, 2004
Registration Number EC04J0187
Registered scope Suggestion,development support and sales of electronic devices,electronic equipment and software
Certification Body Japan Audit and Certification Organization for Environment and Quality (JACO)


Environmental Conservation Activities

Environmental conservation activities regarding business operations of a trading company
  1. Sales of products with a low environmental burden (promotion of lead-free products, etc.)
  2. Promotion of green purchases and eco-product purchases
  3. Idling stop and switching to fuel efficient vehicles
Energy and resource conservation activities
  1. Promotion of power consumption reduction (air conditioner temperature control, turning off lights in unnecessary places)
  2. Reducing the amount of paper used and paper recycling
  3. An efficient use of resources by waste sorting