Message from the Representative Director and President

Since our foundation in 1950 as a trading company specializing in electronic components, we have been patronized by many customers, mainly in the Chubu area.

The range of customers has expanded and changed along with the expansion of electronic application fields, and some customers have shifted their business overseas along with economic globalization.
For some reasons, including the rise of Taiwan and Korea in semiconductors and liquid crystals, our suppliers were significantly affected.
We have also been impacted by these changes.
Each time, we have faced various changes with the thought, "Maintaining the status quo means taking a step back."

However, some things do not change.
We give first priority to the credibility and relationship of trust with customers in any situation.
We continue operating without ever forgetting this attitude, and we would like to be useful for Japanese manufacturing that provides superior quality.

Ito Electronics Co., Ltd.
Representative Director and President

Naoki Ito